in the Dominican Republic

Bon Appétit!

Enjoy delectable meals and heavenly treats 24/7 as prepared by Tripmaster’s 5-star chef and overseen by Kahal Tarnopol and our full-time Mashgiach.

For More Information or for Reservations, Please Call 646.294.1195

  • Kosher Supervision and Full-Time Mashgiach
  • World-Renowned
    5-Star Chef, Mordy Joffe
  • Breakfast, Lunch/
    Lunch-to-go, and Dinner
  • 24-Hour
    Tea Room
  • 24-Hour
    Complimentary Mini-Market
  • לֵיל שִׁשִׁי Buffet
  • Lavish
  • Melave


When we say you can relax on this trip, we mean it; all the food we serve is under a reliable Hashgacha and every aspect of the day-to-day food preparation is overseen by a full-time Mashgiach. The only question you should contemplate is: should I have thirds?



In order to bring you the very best, we secured the very best. Prepare your palates for exquisite cuisine whipped up by Mordy and his professional culinary team.



Whatever else you have planned, be sure to leave room for three square meals a day.



Sit down to light refreshments whenever the mood strikes. Our tea room serves cakes, fresh fruit, cheese, salads, and hot and cold beverages all day and night.



Craving something in middle of the night? Forgot to bring a toothbrush? Find whatever you need at our complimentary mini market.



Get into the spirit of Shabbos early with our Thursday night Chulent tasting.



Nothing says “Shabbos” like a grand Kiddush. Look forward to a delectable gourmet spread after Davening.



Shabbos may have come to an end, but the good times aren’t over yet. Send off the Shabbos Queen with Zmiros and delicious food.